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Paralyzed pit bull puppy thrown in trash makes miraculous recovery (VIDEO)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (10)

pit bull puppy recovers from paralysis after months of therapy

A man was selling pit bull puppies out on a street in Central Florida when a woman approached him and noticed a noise coming from a garbage bag he was holding. She pressed the man and he ended up giving her the bag, which had a puppy inside who was so deformed she could not hold up her head.

The woman took the puppy to Semionole County Animal Services where veterinarians concluded the puppy had swimmer puppy syndrome (pectus evactum) and should be humanely euthanized.

The condition is rare, and causes puppies to lie flat on their chests with their legs splayed out like a turtle. It's usually a symptom of serious neurological problems that most puppies cannot survive.

pit bull puppy recovers from paralysis after months of therapyThe shelter called Erica Daniel, who runs a pit bull rescue called Dolly's Foundation. She decided to take the puppy home for one full and final day of love and affection.

While at home, she gave the puppy massages and the little dog responded. Erica decided to get further tests done to be sure of the pup's condition. It turns out the pup did not have any of the more fatal symptoms of the disease such as brain abnormalities, serious heart murmur or degenerative bone disease. Erica was excited to learn that the puppy didn't have any condition serious enough to warrant euthanasia.

So Erica enlisted the support and help from a group that does hydrotherapy and massage therapy. After just several weeks of treatments, Harper, as the pup was then named, miraculously stood up.

Harper's rescue and rehabilitation began in August 2011, and Harper is now happy, healthy and a big part of Erica's family. In amazing contrast to her first diagnosis and recommendation for euthanasia from the first vets she saw, Harper now has a clear bill of health!

Erica blogged in December, "Holy cow. My little freak of nature is cured! That’s right folks, Harper is actually a normal dog now, inside and out. No pills, no drugs, no surgery. Just love, hard work, and a few women not willing to take no for an answer."

harper when she was first found could not walk
When Harper was first found, she could not stand or walk. Photo via Dolly's Foundation

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Comments on this Article

Erica, you are blessed with such a kind and compassionate heart.
What a little champion!
So glad to see Harper doing so well and thanks and God bless the lady who rescued her from that horrible breeder. Imagine putting a puppy in a paper bag and just letting it suffer. Makes me sick. Love and hugs to Harper and glad to hear she'll be going to someone who understands the situation completely. :O)
I'm so glad to see her progressing so beautifully! Thank you Erica for saving her life!
Love does miraculous things. Thank the lady for taking this puppy from out of the bag and to the vet. No thanks to the vet! Thanks to the lady that took the puppy home to show it love. And look what love did! Never give up till you are sure. Every vet should have this taught in vet school; those in practice should be told of this too. Do not kill any animal until you are sure the death penalty is warranted. We have jails full of people who should be euthanized, but are they? any why not? Because we think we can cure them? Bull. Good show puppy. You had help from higher up.
For anyone interested, an episode of Bondi Vet here in Australia contained a Staffy with Swimmer's Syndrome. Dr Chris Brown explained the cause and treatment and it also ended with a great result! The episode can be found here http://youtu.be/JURWDdUl2aY
Ohh how fantastic this story is. First of all thank you to the woman who pressed the man about the dog in the bag and then to Erica who was about to show the little pup what love was before the end of its short life and thank goodness she did!! Too many puppies are written off or just thrown away when with a bit of time, money and above all love they can make it and enjoy life. Brilliant!!!
Great success story of compassion, patience, teamwork - all for the love of dogs!
So sweet! and love to hear a good turnout for this baby. Makes me wonder how many other puppies have been put down when there was no need - so sad. Best of luck to you and Harper and bless you for taking in this little guy when he needed you the most.
i *love* the top pic! she looks like a gargoyle, which is fitting as the duty of a gargoyle is to keep away evil spirits and demons. looks like they had to do a bit of overtime on this little lady!
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