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Heroic 12 year old boy saves dog being attacked by gang of schoolboy bullies

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (19)

Damon with Rose and her owner

Twelve year old Damon Boyer-Marwood became a small dog's hero when he saved her from a savage beating by a group of children.

On Thursday, Damon was walking home from school in Cannons Creek, New Zealand, when he heard an animal crying. He went to investigate and saw a group of several boys, around his age, abusing a small female terrier cross dog.

The bullies had pinned the dog down and were taking turns kicking her. One boy also had a cricket bat and was hitting the dog with it.

Damon bravely approached the boys and told them to leave. "They stood there for a bit, then they ran inside," said Damon. He said he acted because he did not think it was fair that the boys were hitting the dog.  

Damon picked up the scared and shaking dog and took her to a friend's house before calling the Wellington SPCA.

Although badly bruised, the dog, named Rose, will be all right. Luckily, Rose has a microchip to trace back to her owner. She was reunited with her owner, Sosefina Leota, a day later.

Sosefina met with Damon to thank him personally. "I want to thank him from my heart, I want to know his face," said a relieved Sosefina.

"It makes you wonder what would have happened if he didn't step in," said Damon's grandmother, Jenny Marwood, who also said she was very proud of her grandson.

Wellington SPCA will be investigating the matter with assistance from the police. But, because those involved are minors, they are limited prosecution-wise. SPCA Inspector Kaycee Polkinghornehas said, "...it does reinforce the importance of having education in schools about things like this. You just have to to wonder what's going on to make them think this is acceptable behavior."

The SPCA hopes to present Damon with a bravery award and Polkinghornehas added, "I just hope there are more kids out there who are willing to stand up for what's right and not be afraid to say it."

Update June 1, 2012: Damon was presented a Bravery Award from The SPCA yesterday, during his school assembly at Brandon Intermediate in Cannons Creek. Damon also received a Mayoral Commendation from Mayor Nick Leggett, as well as vouchers from Warehouse Porirua, Porirua Pool and Wellington Zoo.

12 year old hero receives award
Pictured from left: SPCA Animal Welfare Inspector Kaycee Polkinghorne, SPCA Marketing Manager James Craw, Damon Boyer-Marwood, SPCA Humane Educator Jen Rizzi, Sosefina Leota with her dog Rose, and 'One in the Family' Spokesman Norm Hewitt.

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Comments on this Article

Damon, you make us all very proud! You are their future ... keep doing what you did and others will follow your lead. <3
Oh Damon, thank you doing what you did to save little Rose. That was extremely brave of you. I am crying so hard right now to think of the pain she went through and the idea that kids could do so much harm to a defenseless animal, just breaks my heart. God bless you.
Thank you, Damon, for going to the aid of that poor defenseless dog. I don't know why those other kids would want to hurt someone so precious who only wants to give love and get love in return. I am so glad that you heard the cries of the dog who didn't deserve anything that those other boys were doing to her. How sick those other boys must be to get joy out of hurting someone who can't fight back. Thank you for going to her aid and rescuing her. I am afraid if nothing is done with those other boys, that they will find another animal and/or human to do this to. They must be punished, even though they are juveniles. I know this is months later but the authorities really need to press charges against the boys and their parents. If they don't, this will happen again and Damon may not be around to rescue another. Those others need to be taught a lesson and I don't want to hear that not much can be done because they are juveniles. Here in the US, things can be done to juveniles. Why not there? Thanks again, Damon, for helping get the dog, who is probably still scared, because dogs do remember things that have happened to them. I am wondering, Damon, if you have been able to go visit the furbaby you rescued. I'm sure she would remember you.
What a fantastic story! GOOD ON YOU DAMON!!! I'd love to know what happened to the A-hole kids who were abusing the dog... I hope they have been removed from society.
Good job Damon, keep on standing up for anyone or animal that needs protection.
You are a hero Damon! Wish there were more like you out there!
Damon I wish I could give you a big hug, you are such a wonderful person! As far as those kids who were abusing this poor innocent helpless animal, why are they not locked up in a juvenile facility until they turn 21. Everyone knows that children who abuse animals are psychopaths who likely will continue to hurt animals and other people!
Betsy... Great idea.. but for at least 6 months or maybe even a year. They can do all the necessary chores there also... not just walk them.. Let then learn what is is like to take care of an animal properly and I bet they even get rewarded with lots of licks...
What those children were doing was a serious criminal offence that demands serious punishment. What kind of facilities are available nowadays to lock up children who behave like dangerous psychopaths?
Too true, Fiona...lol
Funny, if it was a pack of dogs attacking a child, they would all be put down, regardless of their age!
Thanks for the update Jennifer! I added the photo of Damon receiving his reward for everyone to see. Well deserved, Damon!
Damon was presented with an award this afternoon. Visit Wellington SPCA's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=436863502998316&set=a.132750236742979.18856.127018160649520&type=3&theater
Damen, you are an awesome boy !! Your should be proud of what you did and I hope this was in the news down there in your beautiful country.. I spent 3 weeks there on the North Island and was awed by its beauty, the people and your culture. And Sosefina... please keep Rose safe !! She is beautiful and deserves to be kept safe from anyone who would hurt her...
God bless you! You wonderful boy! I don't know you but am very very proud of you!!
Damon you deserve an award for this. I believe that the boys who did this should have to work at the SPCA for a few months as their punishment. It could very well teach them that they respect all animals. What is scary about this is that it's a proven fact that people who abuse animals also will abuse humans. These children need a lesson in bullying. And so do their parents because obviously this is learned behavior. Small animals are so defenseless. Damon, your parents taught you well. And I know they are very proud of you.
Good for you I hope they can at least fine the parents
Good for you, Damon! Well done!
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