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Dog helps thwart auto thief

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (0)

Otis was found by police after he thwarted an auto thief

The Animal Compassion Team was wrapping up an adoption drive outside of a store on Sunday when one of the volunteers was carjacked and two of the dogs up for adoption stuck in the car.

Cassie Heffington was helping with an animal adoption drive in Fresno, California when a stranger offered to help pack her car. "He was helping us load the trailer and he jumped in my car right afterwards and took off in it," Heffington said. The 36-year-old suspect drove off with Dolly, a shepherd mix, and Otis, a border-terrier mix, both in the back seat.

"I figure I'd would never see my car again, but I was more worried about the dogs, either being dumped on the freeway or dying of heat exhaustion in the back of my car," Hindman said.

A good samaritan spotted the robber in the parking lot, jumped into his own car with his girlfriend and followed after the car. Nikilas Cornwell kept after the thief while his girlfriend called police.

As the suspect was trying to make a clean getaway, tiny Otis threw a wrench in his plans. "Otis was in the back seat of the car loose, Dolly was in the crate, and Otis was trying to bite the man," Heffington said.

The suspect pulled to the side of the road and tossed Otis out of the car and raced off. Thanks to Cornwell's quick actions police eventually caught the thief. Officers then circled back to the area were Otis was tossed and found him unharmed.

"It ended in the best way it could have possibly ended," Heffington said. Although she pointed out it would be even better if Otis and Dolly found forever homes. Anyone interested can contact the Animal Compassion Team. Otis certainly has all the makings of a good guard dog. 

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