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Inseparable best friends: goat and dog find their forever home

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (1)

Story Update: June 1, 2012

Mizzy and Bullseye find a permanent homeMizzy the dog and Bullseye the goat have found a permanent home together, thanks to Yvonne Schmaling and her partner Michael O'Rourke. The pair had discussed getting a new dog for while - that Mizzy came with an unusual friend didn't faze them at all.

When the couple read about the RSCPA's adoptable friends, they thought they could help.

The couple live on 11 acres at Spring Creek near Gatton, so the dog and goat will have plenty of room to play and Bullseye could help with keeping the grass down. "We thought a goat would be a good idea to keep the grass down, and we have four quarter-acre paddocks so we'll just keep rotating them when the grass gets low," said Schmaling.

Mizzy and Bullseye are now on their property and Schmaling said they were very happy with their new home, and spent all their time together.

"Bullseye thinks he's a dog - he runs around like a loony, playing and jumping around up on the boxes we've put in the paddocks for them - he's very hyper," Schmaling said. "At the moment they are sleeping together in a shed in separate beds but the dog has claimed the bigger bed of course - she's in charge.  They've both got the loveliest natures ever."

They also enjoyed teasing each other.

"Mizzy gets a bit bossy with her food when Bullseye goes over to try and take it off her and tease her a bit," she said. "Mizzy just lets off a low growl and Bullseye runs off with his tail in the air - it's all a bit of fun."

Mizzy is a female Border Collie cross, Bullseye a male goat, both a year old. Together they are best friends. They have lived together their whole lives, but were recently taken in by the Brizbane RSPCA in Australia when their owner could no longer afford to keep them.

The staff at the shelter told Australia's Network Ten they were stunned at what happened when the two were separately housed. Bullseye tried to climb over his fence, while Mizzy tried digging under her fence, both desperate to get to one another. They wanted to be together and weren't going to let a fence keep them apart!

Animal attendant Trent Holley says, "I think that bond is something special and should be treasured." So the two best friends were put together and can now sleep, eat and play together. Brisbane RSPCA manager Nanda Tengrotenhuis says, "Well it is love, you could call it love; it is a boy and a girl." Both animals have been spayed and neutered and will be adopted together, as no one wants to separate the best buddies again.

Mizzie and Bullseye are best buds

Bullseye will be adopted with his best friend Mizzy

Mizzy has a goat pal


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What a precious story and such a happy ending. I'm a human and I have a dog, we love each other so it's not so hard to understand these two species loving each other too.
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