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Lucy is available for adoption!

About Lucy

Name: Lucy
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: Brindle
Sex: F
Date Of Birth:
Description: Lovely little Lucy is a bundle of puppy joy who won’t stay little for long! Her sweet, soft, purr-like snores have won over the hearts of her foster family who love to snuggle with this eager-to-please lap dog. Lucy is just under four months old and will be an excellent learner in an experienced home that understands the needs of an energetic, confident and strong-willed puppy. Lucy absolutely LOVES other dogs and would prefer to spend her days playing chase with a four legged friend who shares her energy level and who will keep her from getting bored. She would also benefit from the positive example of an older, well behaved canine leader. Lucy is working on her leash skills, but with the help of treats, consistent positive reinforcement she continues to improve. Lucy’s foster family is continuously working on her crate training, but it’s not currently her favourite hangout. She doesn’t like being left alone, so a family that plans on spending a lot of time with her would be ideal. Lucy is great with older children, but is a bit too rambunctious and nippy for young kids – those sharp little puppy teeth have torn a pant leg or two! A dog savvy cat who wouldn’t mind lots of licks and attention would suit this love-bug just fine.
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Comments About Lucy

i wish i could get her shes precious
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