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About Gallagher

Name: Gallagher
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: Brindle
Sex: M
Date Of Birth:
Description: Gallagher truly lives up to his name as an “ally of strangers”- in his view, everyone is a friend! Hiding inside this brindled tough guy exterior is a sensitive love bug. Gallagher has the cutest squishy bulldog face and the charming snort that comes along with it! This 1 year old Pittie/Mastiff/Bulldog mix is short in stature but will continue to fill out and grow beyond his current 60 lbs as he matures. Gallagher is not a huge fan of his crate and can suffer from the blues if left alone too long, so he would do best in a home where someone is around most of the time. This natural athlete has loads of energy reserved for running, swimming, fetching and jogging alongside you on horseback, but he is mellow indoors and gladly settles down for a quiet snuggle whenever you like! Gallagher is a real softie so no need to raise your voice. A firm yet gentle, patient hand will work wonders with this eager-to-please charmer. Will work for food!…Or a game of tug. Gallagher is good with kids, cats, other dogs and even horses! He is great on leash, housebroken and knows his basic commands (sit, down, leave it, come, stay) although he would still benefit from continued studies in general obedience. This puppy-like overachiever excels at most things, but according to his foster family, the thing he does best is snuggle. Want to see for yourself? If you have an active home and the time to spare for this soft-hearted boy, you should give Gallagher a chance to prove it!
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