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My Details

Name: Kristen
Website: www.hugabull.com
About Me: I love working with dogs and have been a director with HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society for the last 6 years. 4 years ago I started Loki's Christmas Wish and holiday toy and food drive for homeless dogs in our community and as if I didnt have enough on my plate I decided to start an all natural dog treat company called Dig It! Delights.

My Dogs

Lucy_thumb Blu-jasper-21_thumb Bella_thumb Lulu_thumb Bess_thumb Miah_thumb Hugo_thumb Cedar_thumb Lola_thumb Seinna_thumb Ozzy_thumb Lacey_thumb Brandi_thumb Julie_thumb Penny_thumb Gallagherhead_thumb Pyper_thumb Simba_thumb
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My Organizations

Dig It! Delights

At Dig It! Delights we are committed to providing dogs with treats that are made with local, natural and healthy ingredients. Our commitment: To guarantee that each of our handmade, simple treats contains only a single, top-quality ingredient free of any harmful additive or preservatives. Working with farmers we know and trust enables us to select only the best quality products when creating our treats. We strive to create "Natural Canine Creations" that will keep...
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HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society

HugABull is a registered non-profit organization and a community of pit bull owners, advocates and enthusiasts. Our mission is to rescue dogs, provide public education, and build a community of responsible pit bull owners and supporters. Rescue We rescue bull breeds from the shelter system, placing them in foster care and ultimately adopting them into responsible, loving homes. Education We organize events, reach out to media, and provide information about the potential of this wonderful...
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HugABull - Loki's Christmas Wish

During the holiday season it's easy to forget that there are many animals who have no home to curl up in, no toys awaiting them under the tree and no one to give them the love and attention they deserve. For that reason, Loki's Christmas Wish was created. Since 2008 we have been helping our local shelters and rescue organizations provide the basics to the animals in their care.
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My Comments

I don't know you, but want to say I love you and your compassion. My son has bull babies. I love the breed and anyone who will do something for them. So I also want to thank you!!!! I will be looking and ordering from you company if you mail to the US.
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