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Will You Stay With Me, Until the End?

Gjump_thumb By Kendie | January 04, 2016 | Comments (2)


After working 11 hours today... I feel the need to share a perspective with my fellow animal lovers...

If an animal has been your family member, your companion, your best friend, your snugglebug, your shoulder to cry on, your source of unconditional love... Please.... Continue reading....

There comes a time when the most loving thing you can do for your furbaby is to peacefully put a stop to their suffering....

I know it's hard. There is no easy way to let go and say goodbye...

However, please, PLEASE think about this....

Let's just say that your companion has just been given a poor prognosis... You decide to leave him/her with your Veterinary Team for treatment with hopes of a miracle... and then you go home... As your furbaby lay in a kennel/cage all alone, surrounded by darkness and unfamiliar noises... What they really yearn for is YOU! They are continuing to fight for YOU! Visit them!

If their quality of life is questionable... Ask yourself, "Is it time to euthanize?" "What does that even mean", you're probably asking... Consider some of these things.... "Does said pet have more bad days than good?" "Is he/she in pain more than they are not in pain? "Does he/she eat and drink regularly?" "Does he/she still enjoy their favorite toy/activity?" "Does he/she wag their tail when you come home/talk sweet to them?" Answer those questions honestly. If it's time, then prepare yourself.. Prepare yourself to be there!!

No matter how hard you think it will be, no matter how badly you will fall apart, no matter how you think people will react to you falling apart... PLEASE, BE THERE!

I will cry with you! I will hug you! I will do my best to go above and beyond to make that tragic moment as special as it can possibly be... in only the ways that a Vet Tech can!

When an owner leaves their pet with us to euthanize, ugh, a part of my heart breaks a little each time 💔

If you've ever considering this or even if you've done it before, please... Try to understand it from your pets point of view! Love them from beginning to end! Be strong for them when they can no longer be!

If you still choose not to be there, please know that they weren't alone... I will be there, I will caress and comfort them, kiss them on the head and say a prayer as they take their last breath and cross Rainbow Bridge...

Many men and women (Veterinary Technicians) play this same role just like me everyday...  We deal with a lot of emotionally draining things on a daily basis... It's tough, especially after working 11 hours and ending your day on a euthanasia that really pulled at your heart strings  💔

This post was not meant to insult or hurt anyone.. It's just a perspective that may change your mind about being present during euthanasia...

I hope that sharing this may change at least one person's mind 💞

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Isabelle - I'm so sorry about the loss of your furbabies :*( Thank you for your comment :)
Kendie-Thank you for sharing. We had to make that hard decision for 2 of our fur babies in the last 2years. It doesn't get easier as it goes but yes our fur kids need us till the last min. GOD Bless you for what you do.
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