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Bubba is available for adoption!

About Bubba

Name: Bubba
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: Black and White
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2011-11-16
Description: Bubba is a 10 month old pit bull male. I have had him since April of this year, after rescuing him from living on third story apartment balcony. He was completely untrained or house broken, he acted and behaved like an abused dog. He has made a tremendous amount of progess since first getting him. He is 100% house broken, doesn't cower when you touch his food or water bowl, he no longer fights me or freaks out when a leash is put on him, he will actually go on car rides without fighting to go anywhere but inside the car, now he really likes car rides and will jump right in. He's learned simple commands(sit, stay, here) though he does fight me sometimes when it comes to listening, I think it has a lot to do him being a puppy still and being a pit, since they can be a stubborn breed. He does well with other dogs and children 3+ in age, however he does not do well with cats. In August I had plan to move in with my parents when my rental's lease was up. Which is when the purchase of their new home was to be finialized, being able bring Bubba with me. August came, I was about to move in with them, when sadly they lost the home. I was unable to renew my lease and I knew I would be unable to bring him with me to my parents. They rent the home they are in, they already have 3 dogs which maxium allowed, and pitbulls are not permitted. I wanted to keep my dog, so my fiance's friends offered to foster Bubba until my parents were able to purchased a home. I unfornately discovered they had not been taking care of my dog. They were rarely feeding him or giving him water and would leave him in the backyard for days on end. I immadiately removed Bubba from that home and have him staying with me at my parents home. He is a very happy and friendly boy, who's full of affection and love. I am desparately searching to give him a new home. It breaks my heart that I have to give him up. I feel this is the best and only opition for him. I don't want to have to keep forcing him to get used to new people who may or may not neglicate him. I don't want to have to keep shuffling him from place to place, and finally let him have a solid permanent home. I have been in contact withalmost everyone I know but no one is able to give him a home. I have tried rescues and no kill shelters but have found all of them to be full. I only have a few days left to find him a home, if I am unable to do so I will have surrender him to a shelter that isn't a No Kill Shelter. This breaks my heart even more at the thought of having to surrender him to not only a shelter but a shelter that isnt a no kill shelter. If you or someone you know would like to adopt Bubba please contact me immediately at kellidan6583@yahoo.com Thank You Kelli
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Comments About Bubba

Kelli, is there anyway you can contact Villa lobos rescue center....they are a sanctuary for Pit Bulls and and Tia Maria Torres is the owner and founder. Haven't you heard or seen the TV show Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet? Please don't send him to the shelter because he will be put down just because he is Pit Bull. Give him a chance please go on their website and email them or call them, they moved to New Orleans La and they also have a sanctuary for older dogs I think in New Mexico because California let them down. Please please try and contact them.....he is a baby and he deserve a chance at life in a forever home. Good luck to you sweet heart, you sound like a wonderful loving young woman. Good luck in school.
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