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Name: Karmen Travas
About Me: My dog and I live in Croatia.

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Thank you for your sweet words .. It's wonderful to have support and understanding from kindhearted people like yourself.. xoxo
Darrin, I feel the same. We get so much from our dogs. I always loved them, but actually sharing your life with one ...it's ... so much more!
Thank you for your kind words Karmen . I knew by looking at your photos that you were a real dog lover . Both my dogs Brandywine and Tana had great lives and wanted for nothing. I come from a large family of dog and animal lovers and I love to plan and take the dogs on walks.Walking dog has become one of my favorite things to do in life and I never tire of spending time with them. Tana my first dog taught me when I was young the meaning of empathy, without even knowing the word for it.
I understand the bed hog thing. My dogs always get the best place even if my leg is hanging over the side. Thunderstorms are the worst! No mattter where he is, my zach will jump on my lap (all 80 lbs of him) as soon as he scents a storm!
I just added Brandywine girls photo .
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Karmen Travas


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