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Name: John V. Brennan
Website: www.youtube.com/classyoldmusic
Profession: marketing, advertising, promotions, sales
About Me: dogs, canines, dawgs, k9's... til they all have a home... pits are just dogs, put it to rest already... Seniors and dogs with "Special Powers" (aka: disabilities) Need Homes Too... ...disabilities my butt... ever see what a dog with a "disability" does with it's other "abilities/special powers"... i sometimes refer to them as "lance armstrong dogs"... i'm fascinated by dogs, their psychology, behaviour... emotional connections and their spirituality... i'm also fascinated by the historical relationship that we've had with them... and how much of us is in them, and them in us... i believe we not only co-existed, and became ultra-close working companions, but also that we "evolved" together... side by side... one's evolution, affecting the others... a relationship that's not only up close and personal one-on-one... but also maybe...somewhat... one-In-one...

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Hi, Thank you for your comments. Yes I am blessed to have Finn. You can see he still has wee bright eyes . Can't hear so well but not deaf. He has arthritis and doesn't walk far now but still loves his food. I had two beautiful collies, Finn and Sammy. Sammy was a year older and died aged 16. Helen
Duly noted your comments on DogHeirs regarding the older dog whose owner had died recently. You sound right on regarding how the older dogs feel.
Thank you for your kind words, John. I am always in admiration of the love and dedication guardians who take care of dogs with disabilities have and the spirit and determination of the dogs!
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"Thanks Ellen for your thougtful articles regarding dogs with disabilities...."

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