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Name: Julie O'Connell

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I too have felt your pain. Just know your pet would want you to continue sharing the love in your heart for those unfortunate furbabies that are left abandoned on an hourly basis. I urge you to (when you are ready) to consider fostering, and helping to save a life and create a great sane family pet for someone. I honor my Patches by fostering pets in need, donating and posting rescue pets listed on euthanasia lists everyday. It would be a tribute to your beloved pet. I am sending you positive thoughts and well wishes to help heal your heart. Om Mani Padme Hum. May your pet frolick in the rigpa realm forever.
Julie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I understand completely... I kiss Denali's charm around my neck constantly every day.... Please don't feel like you could never go through it again.. eventually, there will be another fur baby that is meant to be with you.. You will never get over the loss, but you will find you have enough love in your heart to love another... best wishes... Hugs xoxo
Hi Julie, I am so sorry for your loss :-( It is so very heart breaking for sure and I have gone through so many losses in my life, because I have had so many cats and dogs since I was a child. It never get's easier to lose our precious pets BUT we have to realize that if we don't take another sweet, innocent, loving animal into our home and our lives, that may be one less animal that gets a loving home. There are so many out there that are so deserving of a life that we animal lovers can give them, don't deny another animal the love that you have to offer as it will open your heart up to love another. You will not be betraying your sweet dog that is happy in rainbow bridge, you will be honoring his memory with the ability to love yet another. It will never replace your sweet chiquaua ( however you spell that ) but will bring you far more in life than if you close your heart off to another animal. Take care, hugs to you. Debbie
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