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Name: Janet
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Chiari Malformation / Syringomyelia [Awareness] and My Dear Lola

Our (my husband and I) furry companions are Puma, a Siamese cat, rescued from the pound as an "two-year old" adult "stray", and Lola, my CKCS, given to us by a friend whose dog had puppies. And they adore each other. It took Puma all of two hours to fall in love with Lola even though he was an adult and very skittish when we brought him home. She was his first friend. I believe...
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Hi Janet, I just added you, and it looks like we're connected now!

I agree with George - this is a sweet photo! I haven't met a cat that will let my little guy lick him/her yet! Guess I should just be happy that Darwin hasn't been clawed while trying...

Hi! What a great profile picture you have! It's great to see cats and dogs getting along.

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