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Name: Candace Blume
About Me: I am a veteran, I have two dogs and fostering a 2 yr. old cat . my dogs are Maggie (pictured) she is a Pit Bull 6yrs old and Kobe, is 14 yrs old mix of Chow, Golden Retriever, and Collie. Kobe was saved from a pillowcase tossed into a river when he was about 2 months old. my daughter and he gf found the pillowcase on the side of the river shore snagged by a branch. How could i say no? He does have seizures from time to time but that is o.k. He will seek me out, fighting to get to me. where ever i am in the house when one is coming on. he is quiet and prob. barked less than a doz. times in his life, and everyone who has ever met him tells me they want him. and if i ever not want him they will take him. but no I will never give him up. Maggie is amazing she is also loving and loyal but a protector as well, her breed scares strangers and that is just great with me. she hates when people argue. she will put herself between both people. or jump up and shut the door of a vehicle if one is inside. lol I am an animal lover through and through. I love the outdoors, reading, and my dogs. my dream is one day own enough land that i can help the lost and unwanted animals around us. kinda like the show Pit Bulls & Parolees. only have a variety of animals, who ever is in need of love food and a home. and to make this place off grid. so my money can go to the care and love of those who love back unconditionally.

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