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Name: Norma Alvarez
About Me: Hi My Name is Norma I love dogs. I have 4. My Shaggy he's over 12 years old he's a black poodle. I have My Zoey she's a Jack Russell, that I got as an adult when my son died. I got Elvis as a puppy I was told he was a yorkie but he doesn't look like one sometimes he does. It doesn't matter I love him so he stays. I just got a puppy to replace the love of my life Joey he was a bichon. I found out you can't replace a dog. I still miss him so much. Well I have a puppy he is cute! he's a bichon also. I have been havingsuch a hard time giving him a name I was going to call him Joey, but he is no Joey, My vet called him Ozzy so we will see what we will call him.

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