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My Details

Name: Holly Wesley
E-mail: hywesley1@hotmail.com
Phone: 660-998-0304
About Me: My left eye has a white spot so I can only see shadows but my right eye is fine. I am special because Im moms Service Animal and Emotional best friend. I love her sooo much I cant take my eyes off of her. I have to know where she is ALL the time so I have a basket in every room. Well not the bathroom but I have one outside the door so I know where she is. I have allergies so I need medication every day. Mom puts the pill in a soft treat so I will eat it. She thinks I dont know but I do, I just want the treat. I have everyone that comes in the house trained to give me a small treat, period. If they dont Im going to pout. My skin is very sensitive and pink so I will burn in the sun. Also Im not use to hot pavement because I dont go outside much. Its hard for mom to go outside so I use a potty pad but I only want to use it once. I cant stand it when there is something on there. I refuse to use it if its not a new pad! I dont wear a collar unless we are going somewhere because of my hair getting all tangled. I dont wear a jacket because I get hot really fast!! Just give me the a/c!!! Thats all I can remember for now cause its time to eat. I cant think of anything else but food unless mom needs me. I LOVE food but mom wont let me have people food because I will get sick.

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