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How to Effectively Remove Dog Hair from Your Car

These tips are what you need to know to get rid of that stubborn fur.

Cleaning your car of unwanted dog hair can be a daunting task. Not only does it cling to linoleum surfaces, it stubbornly sticks to automotive carpet and felt. Leave it too long and your car will not only look dirty, it can become smelly too.

This video from a car detailing company, shares a few different tools and methods on the best ways on how to remove pet hair from the inside of your car.

The first thing recommended is to use nitrile gloves, although rubber gloves will do the trick too. Brush your gloved hands across the surface of the carpet to pull up surface hair.

Next, for any hair that’s embedded itself deep into the fibres of the carpet, here are a few helpful tips.

– Use a Furz-Off Pet Hair Remover tool to pull up the hairs. Use it alongside of a mixture of fabric softener diluted 7 to 1. This liquid mix will help soften up the hair and carpet fibres to release the hairs more easily.

– When you get close to the plastic areas and hard-to-reach corners switch to using a rubber pet hair brush. It gets into tight areas and won’t scratch your hard surfaces.

Once your done, use a vacuum to clean up the bunches of dog hair.

Watch the helpful tutorial in detail in the video below.

Here is a list of the tools mentioned in the video, with links to available products.

With these tips and tools, cleaning your car of unwanted pet hair should be a lot easier!

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