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How to Massage Your Dog

A good massage can help make dogs with ailments feel a whole lot better.

dog massage

Everyone knows how therapeutic massage is for your body. It helps blood circulate and relieve muscle tension, stiffness and soreness. But not everyone knows how good it is for dogs too!

Massage can help relax a nervous dog and it can help relieve joint stiffness and muscle pain in active dogs, aging dogs and dogs with mild arthritis and illness. They first thing to do if you plan on massaging your dog, is to familiarize your dog with the different kind of touch. From there there are several ways to ease your dog into enjoying the experience.

Gage the dog and massage therapist Melanie sit down with Victoria Stilwell and go through some of the techniques you can use to massage a dog.

Gage the rescued Mastiff is the best patient! I love how he rolls over on his belly to get his massage and basically tells Melanie what to do. He absolutely loves it!

Not only is it good for your dog’s health, it looks like a great bonding experience for you and your dog too!

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