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My dog bit the gardener

White_tiger_thumb By Jean Bareiss | June 26, 2013 | Answers (1)

I have a Australian Cattle Dog.  She is my companion.  As I was bringing her in my home she was off leash, and he was blowing debris.  She looked and ran. Biting him behind his right knee.  I do not believe she broke the skin.  My property manager has said she is an aggressive dog and would have to make a report.  He also said if she had bit him he would have killed her with his hands anyway he could have.  I am scared to death of him now.  Recently a man who also lives here with a service dog, that is a pit bull, jumped on people looking to redo the apartments and was given a 3 day eviction notice or get rid of the dog.  The lease protects service and assistant dogs.  And give a 10 day period to answer these notices.  I have started aggressive training for her. What else can I do to help her and me stay together?  She only does this is she feels threatened or someone is going to hurt me.  I have been working with her for almost 5 years to curb this, and am very worried about this.  Hope you can help.  Sincerly, Jean

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Honestly? if she didn't break the skin, then there is no proof that she bit him. I would deny It, he can't evict you without a reason and proof and noone can take your dog off you without proof of what she did. I hope everything works out for you ok, if she didnt break the skin then she didnt realy bite him anyway a dog can break bone with their Jaws she made the choice just to nip him, in my opinion that means your dog isn't dangerous.
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