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Beware of Some Shelters

59258_158212824195814_2676555_n_thumb By Gwen | July 13, 2012 | Comments (2)

As the title says. Beware of where you adopt an animal. I adopted a dog from a shelter in another county, and ever since then they were stalking my family and harassing us over facebook and in person. They have taken away the dog I adopted for really no reason at all, just because they did not like the way we lived. They also took another one of our dogs and she died while she was with them and lately have been stopping by trying to take my last one. They have been pulling up outside trying to take a picture of our house and the dog... I would like it stopped.. I have a petition going on right now to try and get my dog back... 

I have also recently found out that the woman who took my dogs, has probably stolen (not  been confirmed yet)  $75k from the humane society at a fundraiser...

Here is the petition if you would like to sign: http://www.change.org/petitions/dickson-county-humane-society-return-adele-to-her-rightful-owners

Here is my full story if you would like to understand why I am petioning them: http://helpmegetmydogback.webs.com/


If you take the time to read my story and sign you are helping me stop these awful people from continuing what they do to innocent people. 

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Comments on this Article

We did contact the police and they did nothing about it. :/ they won't help us..
I read your article and signed your petition. Have you complained to the police about the harrassment by these individuals. I would think that what they are doing is qualifed. If TN law says you are taking care of your animals then they have no right to them. If they feel like the law is not correct they should petition for a new law, not take the law into their own hands, that would make them criminals.
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