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My Details

Name: Elfina Luk
Website: www.gingertailsdogtraining.com
Profession: Dog Trainer
About Me: SETTING YOUR DOG UP FOR SUCCESS! Ginger Tails Dog Training offers services in the Vancouver area including Richmond & Burnaby. Every dog is an individual and has their own unique personality and way of learning. So every dog deserves personalized attention to their specific breed, behaviour, learning drives and environment. From basic obedience to specific behavioural problem solving, Elfina will customize a training plan specifically for your dog. Using positive reinforcement as the main form of training, Elfina promotes a positive and healthy training environment for you and your dog. Starting in the home where your dog spends most of his time and working with your dog where he feels most comfortable helps to set him up for success. Working in a classroom environment also provides a challenging arena where your dog can learn to master the art of listening to her owner. A feeling of accomplishment will make anyone want to keep doing the work...especially your dog! Our furry pals need lots of quality time with us so let’s make sure you enjoy it too!

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