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Name: Gina R Taylor
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Hi ! I'm so sorry to have taken so long to respond !! Thank you so much for your kind words !!! I have never received a comment based on a comment that I've made on a post. You're so right, no fur baby is replaceable, it's so amazing though, that every fur baby that has found me, the love I have for each of them is different from those that have passed on and from their "siblings" , yet the love is just as deep . Take good care ! Gina xoxo
Thank you for your kind words about Denali.. It's wonderful to have support and understanding from kind people like yourself.. I too have had 4 cats.. 3 have since passed on and my husband and I still have a 7 yr old tabby - Indy... no animals can ever replace another fur baby, but they can help to fill the void of lonliness.. thank you for sharing your story xoxo
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