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Adorable Victorian Bulldog loves to swim (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | February 14, 2012 | Comments (3)

Bulldog has a blast swimming

As long as we're safely enjoying ourselves, it doesn't matter how graceful we might, (or might not), look.

Doug, the Victorian bulldog, loves swimming! Here he is going for a swim in Indian Lake, Ontario. Doug's human says, "We take Doug to a quiet boat loading dock. The water gets deeper really gradually. For his first attempt we had a life jacket on him."



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Comments on this Article

my dobie couldnt swim she would sink. everytime i see this dog go out deep water make me want to dive in to get him. i had to do this for my dobbie
LOL! He swims like I swim ... splashes everywhere! At least he has a good time :-)
Love it! Just like a kid, adults trying to convince them they've had enough and they're saying no way. Doug was having the time of his life...just one more time Pappa! :0)
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