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Proud French Bulldog dad plays with his puppies (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | December 13, 2013 | Comments (5)

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Comments on this Article

Well, that was adorable. Papa's little look alike was the feistiest. What a good Papa, having "quality time" with his kids (at least I think they're all his kids) I do agree with Starla and Lila though, get Papa neutered. There are enough babies needing homes that are in shelters all over the country.
As cute as this video is, I have to agree with Starla. PLEASE STOP BREEDING.
Although I think all the dogs are adorable in the video...what would make me really happy,is to stop seeing people breed dogs just for money,and start adopting the thousands of dogs already alive that are desperate for a loving home.If someone really wanted a dog,it shouldn't matter what kind of a dog it is,they are all amazing.
Daddies the boss. Every dog lover who has ever gotten down on the floor and played with their dogs knows that when they kneel forward with their two front paws stretched out it means I want to play. It's alway nice to see puppies playing and enjoying life. I hope they all find good homes. Nice video, thanks for sharing.
That is really sweet. When the one little one that toppled over after he lunged at it, he stopped and checked on it before continuing, that's so sweet!! What a good Daddy he is!!!
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