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German Shepherd dog in training protects 5-year-old girl from "bad guys" (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | September 22, 2013 | Comments (3)

Five-year-old Valentina helps her dad train her German Shepherd Dog to protect her. Her dog doesn't let either "bad guy" get near her.




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Comments on this Article

i had a german shepherd named Blitz. he used to walk to school with me when i was in kindergarten. back then in the 1950's, the teacher let him wait at the door til school let out and walk me home. he would hold his pee all day! but wouldnt let any strangers come near!
threenorns - If I were a bad guy wanting to hurt someone and found out they had an attack dog named Cujo, I'd think twice. I highly doubt my thinking twice would cause that dog to become neurotic.
i wouldn't give a 5yr old a gun but i'd sure give her a good dog! although naming the dog "cujo" (or anything similar) is a real bad move from a PR perspective. ppl hear names like that and it makes them wary of the dog - too much of that and you can end up with a neurotic and defensive dog.
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