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Baby panda reunites with mom after month apart (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | August 16, 2013 | Comments (12)

A baby panda has a loving reunion with her mother after being apart for a month. Yuan Zai is a baby panda that was born on July 6 at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. She suffered an injury only a few days into her life, so had to be moved away from her mother to a special incubator and required constant monitoring and care. Now a month on, she was taken back to her mother, Yuan Yuan. The caretakers carefully monitored Yuan Yuan's reaction to the cub and then opened the doors...



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Comments on this Article

This was posted in Aug. I feel bad for them to have to sleep on cement, especially the baby. Too bad they can't make their enclosure a little more environmental friendly for them.
Aaron, thanks for more information. Like I said, I knew I didn't know enough to form a strident opinion. I now imagine that the barren environment is indeed, as another poster suggested, to have things kept extremely clean. Glad they do better when they can. And yes, I agree that keeping intelligent marine mammals in small tanks is odious.
To Larissa this is Taiwan, not China (where they skin dogs alive for their fur-- truly one of the most horrific things I've ever witnessed). To both Lyn and Larissa I don't understand why the particular area where this interaction was filmed was so barren. In China-- and so I assume at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan Panda's are kept in spaces very similar or in many cases identical to spaces they would inhabit naturally. Having said that, however, most of a Panda's day is spent eating, so if a Panda has place to plop his or her bottom down and all the fresh bamboo they can eat they are happy creatures. The zoo staff at the Taipei Zoo seems very responsive to these animals. I imagine they have a very good life. Arguably a better life even than they might be having in the wild. While I understand your concerns I believe they are based on many erroneous assumptions. Its not the same as say keeping Orca's in captivity which is always harmful to those animals despite what Sea World would like you to believe. Panda's really do just like to sit around and eat.
Yeah, Larissa, I am not sure how I feel about the peoples' motivations who are breeding these pandas, but their odds of surviving as a species are pretty poor if they don't get more human intervention (and strong conservation planning & environmental regulation). Is it better or worse for the individual pandas to be living this odd, imprisoned life so the species survives and has hope of continuing to exist in the wild? It would surely be the best if they could have a more natural experience in captivity, but is this better than nothing? I don't have a right answer.
This is all great but let's not forget that this is the same country that skins animals alive for their fur. And I understand Pandas are near extinction but what quality of life is there in being forever in captivity? Would you want to live in prison your entire life?
Sheila: The mother and baby had been separated for a month. Unless they somehow convinced her to pump her milk, she wouldn't still be lactating, and they need to take the baby away to feed it. She might begin lactating again if the baby suckles, but still might not produce enough milk to fully feed it. They're taking the baby away to keep it alive.
I think they had to take it away to incubate it again to make sure it would survive but they'll probably put it back again and again until they're living together. Hopefully it's not in that sterile environment. Probably has to be sterile for baby but not permanently hopefully.
It's a shame that these bears aren't doing so well in their natural environment. It's great that there is such an effort to help propagate the species. I wish that the writing in the video could have been translated, to help us understand better the reasoning behind their actions. I certainly hope they have every success, and this baby grows into a happy and healthy adult panda.
Absolutely adorable, just dont understand why baby was taken away from mum again at the end.
Such a touching video. The couldn't know if the mother would accept or reject her baby after a whole month away from her. The mother instinct kicked in, thank God and the baby new where to go for nourishment, that surprised me since she was fed by humans for a month. Will wonders never cease. Loved the way Mamma picked her baby up and cuddled her. :0)
Awwwwwwwwwwwww, just way 2 cute, My dog liked watching it 2 :@) Oh, They should name the panda Chow Chow, LOL or Tibetan Mastiff as They claimed was a lion. but in all reality it was really a chow chow Anyway, I know a good name, Lion Lion haha JK. Cute Video & Panda's of course. I love it :)
omg, they HUG their babies!!!!!!
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