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Elephant spontaneously plays piano duet (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | July 01, 2013 | Comments (10)

Elephant plays the piano

Peter the elephant loves the piano music so much he decided to join in. PaulBartonPiano, who posted the video, said that Peter played the blues "entirely on his own accord".

Peter lives at Elephantstay, a non-profit program at the Royal Elephant Kraal & Village in Thailand. He seems to crack a smile while playing the duet, and the elephant next to him is enjoying the tune too.

PaulBartonPiano writes, "I've noticed elephants, such as Peter have moods at different times of day. Usually in the cooler early evening before nightfall (In Thailand) they are in a more relaxed and potentially playful mood."



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Comments on this Article

I've also made a profile to comment on this. I have met this elephant. He is very well cared for. He is particularly musical. His owners wouldn't make their elephants do anything they didn't want to. As it's clear in the video, his mahout isn't controlling him. Elephants can do things spontaneously without force. They do this at Elephant Nature Park too e.g. kick things around, play with piping. In regards to being broken if he had been captured from the wild, he's an older elephant so there's nothing to be done now. In any case, he may well have been born in captivity. It's not fair to say it's common in Thailand. Thai people love elephants. Most elephant carers are kind just like most dog owners are kind. It's illegal to capture wild elephants. People like Peter's owners want better registration and tracking of elephants.
I, also, had to make an account just to comment on this. I am a HUGE animal lover, and I have to say that I really do not see any warning signs in this video AT ALL over this animal being abused or it's spirit being broken to play. Look at the animal. Look at him closely! He is SERIOUSLY enjoying himself. You can see it in his eyes, the way he bobs his head...even just the way he is "playing". Yeah, I highly doubt that you would EVER see a WILD elephant do this...but this is obviously a very socialized elephant. Way different then what would happen if the elephant was out in the wild. Just saying....
Having been to Thailand to many of these 'conservation retreats' the only one I could truly call one would by The Elephant Nature Foundation. Any elephant 'performing' whether it be dancing, painting, playing football is being told to by a Mahout. You can't see him begging the elephant giving command with arms. The very fact that they still use a bull hook is an implication. At the Elephant Nature Foundation reserve elephants are not chained, they are free to wander the grasses and water. Please think about this before sharing these videos. And please look at the link I put up. Money should be going to proper reserves where elephants haven't been trained in a horrendous way to perform tricks! I would love to know how they train their baby elephants. It would be great if I were proved wrong!
Please read this: http://www.tonyakay.com/?comments_popup=1711
Sarah. What you say re breaking is true but research the credible organizations working toward conservation and rescue of elderly and abused elephants and breeding efforts. While it is right to draw attention to this horrible practice it is not right to assume this organization broke these creatures...
New Favorite Video!
Hi guys, I saw this on Facebook and had to comment. Have only only signed up to do this, hence no photo/details etc. This elephant would have gone through the hideous phajaan training (breaking of the elephant's spirit) and then would have been violently forced into partaking in such a non-elephant behaviour. This is common in places like Thailand where tourists pay money to see elephants do things like this, play football, paint, etc and even to carry humans for elephant rides. Elephants are intelligent creatures, but they would not play the piano without being forced into it - it's not a natural behaviour. Please spread the word that things like this need to be stopped, and us tourists need to stop contributing to the inhumane treatment of elephants. Sorry to be so depressing, but I thought you should know.
I am wondering if humans made an elephant-size instrument for Peter if he might learn to play it.
Omg that is the cutest thing ever, he was loving it and bopping to the music incredible!!!!
That was beautiful. It was neat watching the elephant bobbing his head up and down to the music, and the other elephant shaking his booty. Beautiful animals.
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