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Rescued fox loves belly rubs (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | June 21, 2013 | Comments (3)

Dawn, the red fox, was taken into a dog rescue center when she was found as a baby because the person thought she was a dog! When they realized their mistake they brought her to Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in England, but by then she had become too familiar with people to be reintroduced into the wild.

She is one now of the sanctuary's 6 resident foxes. The sanctuary says Dawn is not a pet and they do not recommend any wild fox be tamed and kept as a pet. That said, Dawn certainly enjoys a belly rub and wags her tail much like her domestic canine relatives!



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We need to stop killing these beautiful creatures ><
omg - that is EXACTLY what my 65lb border collie mix does!!!! right down to the last detail!!!!
So much like a dog but yet not a dog. Beautiful animals.
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