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Wolfdog cries at grandmother's graveside (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | April 24, 2013 | Comments (15)

Wiley the wolf dog crying at his grandmother's graveside

Wiley the wolfdog cried while visiting the graveside of his owner's grandmother.

Some viewers have pointed out the wolfdog's behavior seems to be reverse sneezing, to which Sarah Varley responded by writing, "I am not a vet so I can't say if he's reverse sneezing...I can tell you that he has never done that before and hasn't done it since. I may be anthropomorphizing his actions but its how I'm choosing to deal with loss…" She adds Wiley is in good health.

Wiley lives at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, a sanctuary for wolfdogs. Wiley barely escaped death at an animal control facility before arriving at the Rescue Centre. Wiley is now part of a program where he provides support and therapy to war veterans with PTSD. 









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Comments on this Article

I wonder though if dogs really can have the sense of loss that seems to be implied here, or if they actually evolved to be insanely emphatic to their human caretakers? So much anecdotal evidence that dogs have a sixth sense about what we are feeling has appeared as a result of video technology. So to restate my quandary I wonder if this dog was really processing its own sense of grief or had taken on and internalized the grief it sensed in its human caregivers?
I feel deeply sorry for this precious fur baby, but I do believe this dog was grieving, as I have seen this with both dogs and a cat who have lost a dear one close to them. Its like they have a "panic attack", and knowing all about those myself, thats what I believe is happening. It is nice that some have the "medical" theory, but vets, techs and experienced pet owners KNOW that they suffer just as we do, when they lose a loved one. I am glad that Wiley is coping better now, but can anyone tell me why he is in a sanctuary, and not at home with his human mum? God Bless this special baby, and I hope many Veterans get huge benefit from engaging with this very intelligent dog.
Why does Wiley live at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre, a sanctuary, When it said "Wiley cried while visiting the graveside of his "owner's" grandmother?
That's so sad, no doubt about it animals definitely have many emotions just like humans, and they can always tell when we are upset...
I can't think of one dog we have ever had that didn't do this. I always assumed the had snotty snouts.
I own a full blooded Husky (they are part of the wolf family) and she has done this "crying". when we lost another dog that was her best friend she went into a depression and would get her playmate's toys and crawl under a bed and "cry". We finally had to get another dog from a rescue that was her age to bring her out of her depression and get her playing again. My sympathy for this owner and this furbaby!
I have 16 dogs and 6 cats, I now exactly what a reverse sneeze sounds like and looks like...2 of my dogs have it from time to time.That is NOT a reverse sneeze.....but of course humans and their IMMENSE ARROGANCE will do anything, say anything to debunk the FACT that non-human animals CAN and DO feel the same emotions,feeling as our species.And NOT only dogs or cats, ALL mammals and birds too.
Gabriella .. animals most certainly do have emotions .. and to some extent empathy. People say they don't have expressions to promote their emotion .. they do. Anyone who really 'knows' their pet/animal can read them. In thus case though its a nasal irritation but of course animals/pets feel loss and separation x
Humans think that emotions,feelings are exclusive of our species....is man's arrogance at large.There is many stories of dogs, cats and other animals grieving the loss of a guardian or the loss of family member that just got killed by a hunter...ex: mother seals cry at the sight of their skinless babies,cows do cry when they are separated from their babies, and when they are about to be slaughtered.But humans will ALWAYS deny that they have a soul and they feel pain and suffer just like us.
My lab does it too and my previous collie did it loads x
It may be reverse sneezing. My dog does that. But...when she is upset, even if she wasn't reverse sneezing before she became upset, it can commence and continue until she is calm. It appears to have an emotional component to it. My vet says it has something to do with allergies and irritation to the respiratory passages.
My border collie does this "reverse sneezing" frequently. We associated it with inhaling something that irritated her nasal passages.
Much sympathy to the owner. I'm not sure I would have posted about this though.
It is reverse sneezing. That's a vet tech's experience talking. Though for what it is worth, that doesn't happen much in dogs with longer snouts.
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