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Marathon dog's adventure has a lasting legacy (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | March 16, 2013 | Comments (6)

Dozer participated in a marathon

Dozer, a Goldendoodle, was at his home when he saw runners participating in the Fulton Half Marathon in Maryland run by. He became so excited by all the active people he started running with them. The video below reveals how Dozer reached the finish line 7 miles later, bested thousands of runners and found his way home.

His adventure also has had a lasting legacy for the event which raises money for Maryland's Greenbaum Cancer Center.




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Comments on this Article

LMAO - what a great dog! if they're smart, they'll let him run again!
Beautiful story. Awesome job fund raising, Dozer. Now I feel motivated enough to get off and do my own running.LOL! Wish Dozer was here to keep me company!
Oh my!! Way to go, Dozer! He's so cute!! Imagine raising all that money and he was just curious i guess! Hahaha!
What a great story. I'm just glad the runners didn't get rid of him, he ended up making more for the cause than anyone ever did. Way to go Dozer, you bull-dozed your way to the finish line. :O)
Well done Dozer. Next time wear running shoes and get a ride home. Great story George.
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