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Sweet puppy teaches timid foster puppy how to get down the stairs (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | January 11, 2013 | Comments (10)

This is so sweet! When Daisy, a 9-week-old foster puppy is afraid to go down the stairs, Simon, a 6-month-old rescued lab mix puppy, helps teach her. Not only does he show her, but he braces her with his mouth in case she might fall.




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Comments on this Article

I LOVE this video. Simon is so SMART! Knew exactly what his "human" was saying and so patient with the little one. It just makes me feel so good inside when I see nature at its best. Beautiful!
aww! And did ya see at the end? He was grabbing the little puppy so he wouldn't fall down the stairs. SO CUTE!!
That is so adorable! Reminds me of when we had our dog door installed! At the time (years ago) we had a chow mix (Sargent) and a golden retriever mix (Little Bit). Little Bit mastered the door immediately but Sargent was afraid of the door? Little Bit would open a corner of the door flap for him so he would come in until he got used to the door. It took him about a week before he came in all by himself.
That was awesomely cute!! I love how the adult showed her how. Love animals
oh my gosh that was adorable. i can't get over how adorable that was.
Simon is a great teacher, and Daisy a quick learner. So cute!!
That has got to be the cutest, most heart warming thing I have seen, in a while <3
Now go ahead....someone just TRY to say dogs are just dumb animals....that was sweet
Thats way to cute :)
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