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Dog gets caught cheating during workout (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | September 19, 2012 | Comments (18)

This dog gets his exercise on a treadmill and has figured out how to "cheat". Unfortunately, he gets busted every time he cheats.

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Comments on this Article

Apparently many of you know nothing about exercising a dog. A treadmill is not only a great source of exercise, but has been recommended for the times when you cannot physically take your dog out. Ceasar Milan from the show The Dog Whisperer has used and recommended a treadmill on many occasions. Also, that speed is not too fast for the dog. If he were struggling he'd simply get off. This fellow is just intelligent enough to know how to cheat. It bewilders me how people who are uneducated on certain things are the first to make stupid comments.
Too fast! and I'm not a hater, I just think it's a bit too fast, he could get hurt before the time it takes to put the camera down and come to his rescue.
Some people are just a bunch of haters. This little collie could easily pull twice this speed. He's not even breakin' a sweat. The owner probably walks him, too! Instead of seeing it in such a negative light, you might consider you don't know every single flippin' thing. I know that's hard for some people to do!
Can someone please tell this nice lady,to turn the speed down a touch on this treadmill,I'm positive he is not comfortable with that speed.
To all the haters out there... how about you observe what is going on in the video and use some common sense. First, the owner is clearly there to supervise. Second... the dog is not tethered to the treadmill... if the pace was indeed too fast the dog could just get off the damn thing. . Also, Im willing to bet that all those who are calling the owner lazy live in a place where the weather is perfect all year round. I live in Cincinnati and I have a boxer mix... there are times when it is physically unhealthy to take her on a 5 mile walk. Ill be damned if Im going to take her on a 5 mile walk when its 95 and 95% humidity, or 20 and sleeting/snowing, or during a downpour/thunderstorm. I would say half the days I can take her on a walk but the other half... well... I wish I had a treadmill for her. Look at the publish date of the video... July of last year and that dog has a pretty thick coat... If this was filmed in the summer I give kudos to the owner for not subjecting the poor thing to the summer heat. So to all the haters out there... Calm Down and dont be so quick to judge... you dont know everything
This poor dog is not "cheating." The treadmill speed is set much too fast!!!! If the treadmill is set at a reasonable speed, the dog will be able to keep up and get exercise without risking a stroke.
pace is toooo fast! poor doggy!
Relax, people. Sure, walks are best, but it's not always possible or appropriate to take a long walk outside. A treadmill is a good alternative, as long as you're there to monitor, as this owner clearly is. Easy on the judgements, y'all!
Cheryl - We live in the Northeast and my dog wants nothing to do with the outside when it is30 degrees or below, plus the salt is brutal on her feet. Yes she has booties but they don't always stay on. So, we have a treadmill that she uses in the winter. I find it perfectly acceptable for her exercise in the summer. They're also great for a dog who is high energy. My best friend's Rottie (after his 5 mile daily walk) would stand on the treadmill and bark for it to be turned on.
Not so sure I'm up with allowing a dog on a treadmill. They're meant for people for a reason: animals don't understand how they work and can't hit the 'stop' button. Nothing can replace a real walk. Sorry, I'm not so impressed with this one...
LAZY owner too lazy to walk your dog instead you put him on a TOO FAST PACE treadmill where he could hurt himself he is not cheating it is too fast to keep up that pace!.....try slowing it down so he can keep a slow steady pace or else try taking him outside and throwing a ball for him to play..............!!!!!
You guys are awesome, thank you! :-)
Could you guys change your tags? That is a SHELTIE (Shetland Sheepdog) NOT a COLLIE!
Hilarious & adorable :-)
This is a hilarious video all in good fun. As long as it is not to hot because shelties have thick hair. There is still no substitute for a walk outside, dogs need to socialize.
It's actually a good pace for a dog to keep in shape rather than walking him outside where when the dog's too lazy you pull him around -.-
Gosh, no wonder he cheats, that looks very fast to me. Does his owner work out that hard I wonder???
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