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Heroic Pitbull saves woman from attempted abduction by estranged husband

D61_thumb By George | August 16, 2012 | Comments (7)

Pitbull saves woman from attack by husband

This is an amazing story of a friendly, loving family dog who instinctively knew that he had to use his voice to help a woman under attack. Blitz is usually a sweet-tempered dog who jumps up to sniff and lick visitors, but when his human opened her front door to investigate screams for help, Blitz bolted past her to defend the woman under attack.

Steven Paul Schumacher was dragging his estranged wife by her hair from her home across the street to his parked car when Blitz came running and barking. Startled by Blitz, Schumacher loosened his grip on his victim, who then ran into Blitz's home for safety. Blitz's human then stopped the protective dog before he did anything to harm Schumacher, and before Schumacher was able to harm Blitz.

When police arrived on the scene, Schumacher, who was carrying a large knife, was pacing outside of Blitz's home. Thanks to Blitz, Schumcher was charged with felony home invasion and domestic assault in April, 2009.


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Comments on this Article

I see no problem with that chain. It's his collar. It's the style the owners dog chose. My 10 pound terrier wears studs and spikes and my cattle dog wears something similar saying 'bad to the bone'. Would either dog bite you? No. Are either of them aggressive? No. Then why did I put it on them? Because I like dressing up my dogs to be something they are not. If she wants his collar to be like that then so be it. The dog is healthy, happy, has a great home, and looked like he is loved to pieces. So why should a choice of style be an issue?
Thank you Threenorns, and Ana for sticking up for the wonderful "pit bull" I get so upset when as you said they stigmatize this CLASS of dog. Which for anyone else reading this, takes in MANY different breeds. "pit bull" is not a breed it is a class of dogs. Like shepherds, collies and shelties all belong to a herding class, or the Labrador, Irish setter and Poodle belongs to the hunting class. The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as well as the Boxer, ALL belong to the "pit bull" breed. There is no bad dog only bad breeders AND owners. This is my opinion to which I am still entitled (in the USA at least) and I am not up for "debating" this subject. I will NEVER change my mind that the "Pit Bull" got a bad rap and that we NEED to protect them the way they will protect us. I will fight to the death for the "pit" and they will do the same for me. For those wondering, no, I do NOT own a pittie, I would if I could but I can't, the apartment complex will not allow them :-( Trust me, if I could I would.
Thanks, threenorns, had not thought of the dog's strength. Bugs me still, but not quite as much. I have no doubt that they love their dog. He is gorgeous.
debra: the dog is likely a lunger (not good on a leash) and a dog that size could easily snap a thin lead. even a standard nylon leash won't last long due to fraying at the clip. there's probably also a "so the neighbours stfu" factor at play as well, thanks to jackass media reports who comment how "unlikely" and "incredible" it is that a dog bred to protect and guard actually does it and who just can't resist tossing in the lame-assed dig about how pit bull types are "notorious" for being aggressive.
Um, if he is such a great dog why is it necessary to have him on a chain that size? I love pitties and haven o doubt that this is a great dog, but the chain? Makes me sick.
Good work, Blitz! You are a true hero! I wish more people would realize how wonderful pit bulls can be, and stop stigmatizing them.
haven't watched it yet but if they use the words "unlikely", "amazing", "incredible", etc, i'm going to go to that station and punch them between the eyes. bingo. IT'S NOT UNLIKELY: THAT'S WHAT THOSE DOGS ARE LIKE!
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