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Beagle steals cabbage

D61_thumb By George | August 13, 2012 | Comments (8)

Beagle steals cabbage

Maymo the dog likes to steal cabbage off the kitchen table when he thinks no one is looking. This time he's willing to do acrobatics to knock the cabbage closer to him so he can burgle it easier.




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Comments on this Article

Karen I'm sorry but I don't agree with you. If you free feed low calorie, high quality food, such as the barf diet or a cooked version and your dog gets proper exercise, they will not grow to be overweight. Of course there are always exceptions but that is a general rule of thumb. By free feeding I mean, a generous meal of low calorie, high protein food 3 times a day. When a dog becomes accustomed to having enough food on a regular basis, they stop eating when they have had enough. But of course they also need exercise and stimulation to avoid eating out of boredom, just like people.
While good nutrition is essential, it does not replace "proper training" to prevent a dog from counter surfing. You are so right, Daisy! It is more a play thing, or "oh I can get away with nabbing that" thing rather than a lack of honest to goodness, real, essential nutritious dog food. Here's a test. Give your dog the best food available, or make it yourself according to the most detailed research available and let the dog eat as much as it wants. I guarantee the dog will end up with a belly as big as a barrel. It's inherent.
Daisy, you are absolutely right. The key is to give your dog good food. I don't even want to start wiith processed food because I can go on for ever. The point is that your dog is a special case. Beagles love food, they eat anything (a cabbage?) and yes, if not properly trained, they steal food from your plate. You probably can see in the video that the dog is not underweight. However, you have made a very good point. The most important point when it comes to dog nutrition: good (home made, fresh) food is so important.
I've done a lot of research about dogs and food since we got our Daisy at a year old and she was seriously underweight. Her first owner told us she "didn't each much". Well it turned out she was starving because all they fed her was P*r*na kibble. She was and still is extremely food protective even though she has been on a real food diet for the past 10 years. So If I am mistaken in this case please forgive me, because in my research I learned that dogs don't steal food if they are not hungry. This might be more of a play thing and not food related. I am an advocate of real food for dogs.
I agree, Karen. Particularly if we talk about beagles. They love food. any food. And if not, think of how seriuosly Snoopy took his food bowl.
Aw, Daisy, you're not a kill joy, you're simply wrong. Dogs usually do steal food if they can. My dogs are fed well, very healthy if not a bit on the chunky size, and they'll munch a few leaves of lettuce anytime. My apologies if this comes across as argumentative, but I've a suspicion 99.9% of dog owners may agree. Loving the cabbage head hat!
Can I just ask if the dog is well fed? Yeah it's a cute video but dogs usually don't steal food if they have enough **real food** to eat. Sorry I don't mean to be a kill-joy but those are my thoughts. Very cute dog.
I love this! Makes me laugh every time!
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