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Brave Sergeant rescues moose trapped in swing set (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | August 17, 2012 | Comments (4)

officer rescues moose trapped in swing set

Weber County Sheriff's Sergeant helps cut a moose loose that is stuck in some swings! Luckily everything worked out and the moose survived. After the video ends the moose was so exhausted he went over to the home and layed down. The Sergeant brought the moose some water and took a hose and cooled him down. Utah Division of Natural Resources stated swing sets and volleyball nets are very hazardous for the animals.

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Comments on this Article

Such a compassionate man! Some other jerk would have simply shot the moose and then untangled the swing.
and if that had been a dog and another officer... they prolly would have shot him...definate praise goes to this officer for the compassion he showed to a wild animal!! he certainly has my respect.
i agree...it takes a lot of balls to approach a juvenile, trapped moose and a lot of heart to help them...
that was so amazing and sweet :) He's definitely a real man, there should be more like him!
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