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Panda bear cubs playing on a slide (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | August 14, 2012 | Comments (5)

panda bear cubs on slide

Watch this video if you need a smile! These pandas are too ridiculously cute not to share here.



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Comments on this Article

I was privileged to spend 3 days a few years ago on a volunteer internship at the panda sanctuary in Chengdu where I believe this was taken, unfortunately they didn't have this slide then for me to see but how great it looks. However at that time they had so many young panda's born & due when I was there I can understand why this was built. Panda's are the most beautiful & gentle creature's I have been blessed to see of wild animals & Wolong Panda Sanctuary are doing such a wonderful job to stop the Panda's from becoming extinct. I have read people's comments in some of the other panda video's on dog heirs and believe me, the panda's are easily pleased and most of the day they are contented with a couple of hours play time and the rest of the time they are only interested in sleeping & eating lol. My belief is that they are actually much safer in captivity than they are in the wild because unfortunately their natural habitat is running out very fast & not always are they reintroduced successfully. Truly a time in my life I will never forget :).
After seeing so much cruelty inflicted upon animals, this was so beautiful to see.. Absolutely gorgeous :)
I love Panda's, when we go to the San Diego Zoo I always have to see them. They are so sweet and silly. This did make me smile.
This site always has something that puts a smile on my face!
after all the horror I have seen the past few day in what humans do to GOD's gifts to us (dogs) This was a joy in watching. Thank you for sharing
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