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Man rescues fox and finds his new best friend (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | August 03, 2012 | Comments (22)

Mike and Cropper

Cropper was found on the side of a road and rescued by The Fox Project in Turnbridge Wells. Seriously injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), he could not be returned to the wild. There were only two choices: euthanize Cropper or find him a home.

Mike Trowler gave Cropper a home. A retired engineer, Mike is fascinated by fox behavior and spends a great deal of time with them. In addition to nursing injured foxes back to health, he also takes in orphaned fox cubs and raises them until they can be released back into the wild. He does this by releasing them into his nine acre garden. A few remain to be fed each night, some stay in the area for several years, while others take off to establish their own territories further afield.

When Cropper was nursed back to health by Mike's patience, love and determination, Cropper became a member of Mike's family. Cropper would eat food from the dog's dish and curl up with the cats, but mostly, he would spend time with Mike. The two would even go for walks together and Mike would roll him over and give him belly rubs.

After six happy years with Mike, Cropper passed away in 2007. However, another fox, Jack, who had been suffering similar ailments, has moved in with Mike. Jack enjoys watching TV with Mike and even reluctantly tolerates a bath in the sink.

In addition to foxes, Mike is also friends with a couple of badgers. One of the badgers, a female he named Benji, eats from a bowl while he holds it and allow him to pet her.

Mike warns that rescuing foxes takes a great deal of patience and understanding, and a strong awareness of fox behavior. He says that fox urine is especially odorous and difficult to remove.

The Fox Project is a Wildlife Information Bureau and Fox Deterrence Consultancy that was established in 1991, they added a Wildlife Hospital in 1993. They admit and treat around 700 foxes and 250 cubs annually.



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Comments on this Article

We love the time and all the effort you provide to educate mini on the temperament of the fox. I personally would like to express my sincere appreciation for caring for such a lovely animal. We love what your doing Mr. Trowler please keep up the wonderful work your doing Sir. Thank you Leslie Broussard
That was very lovely. Thank you for doing this. I hope it helps people to come to understand to live with nature, not just blow it away because we don't really know or understand it.
How really beautiful and I totally believe what you say about foxes Mike and so should everyone. What a wonderfully kind work you are doing.
What a lovely story & a kind wonderful man mike is. It beautiful to see the wonderful relationship he has with these foxes. I have a female fox that comes into my garden every night, I put small amounts of food out at the same time. She must feel quite relaxed, after eating she plays with my husbands old shoes if left outside, he was sitting outside waiting for a glimpse of her, fell asleep. He got woken up by her walking underneath his legs, then found shoes have gone walk about the garden.
thank God for such a wonderful and considerate human being
This sure made me miss Spartacus, a red dog fox I had and loved for over a year. Half cat, half dog -- climbed like a cat, chewed like a dog. Sense of humor had he, stole my clothing in the morning, laughing his fox bark as he raced away, so wanting to be chased. As I needed to get to work, I couldn't play that game then. But when day was done? We played and played. He learned to use a sandbox, he are a good raw diet. And we loved each other, yes; we did -- and trusted each other. I miss him still, and hope he has left progeny just like himself. As Mike Trowler says, they are wonderful, clean and kind animals. And beautiful, so beautiful. Thanks for the story, Mike Trowler. My new year is off to a happy start. Keep on being their friend; they are simply the best.
Live long and prosper Mike, friend of the foxes. And animals in general.
What an amazing man to give them a beautiful life when their injuries could well have ended their lives. They may not be in the wild where they belong, but they are well loved and care for.
Such a moving story. I feel that animals are so much giving. then us humans.
God Bless this wonderful man! This world is seeing more and more kind and compassiionate people, who are ready to stand up for animal rights!
You are an amazing human being Mr. Trowler, and a true inspiration!!
Such a sweet love story...I didn't know that a fox purrs like a cat! Thank you Mike for sharing your friend with us all.
Thank you for being a wonderful human being. God Bless you.
god bless them.I salute them for their work.
My grandfather had a fox and used to carry him just like that! Tear to my eye! What a lovely guy
What a wonderful story. I never knew that foxes 'purr'! They are certainly beautiful little animals. Here in California, we found out the hard way after finding a baby fox that if you touch one with bare hands, the "animal control" kills it for testing to make sure it doesn't have rabies. (apparently rabies vaccines don't work on foxes? I don't know...that's what we were told). It was a very sad situation. But as for Mr. Trowler and his foxes, I find his story very heart-warming and inspiring. I completely understand his sentiments and frustration about trying to educate people who "already know everything". Just keep doing what you are doing, Mr. Trowler. You have a huge and supportive fan base out here!
What a sweet story. I'll never look at a fox the same again.
God Bless you for your warm heart and your love for animals!
What a wonderful human being. He takes the time to find out what makes an animal tick. I'm sure if we all did, there wouldn't be any more horrible fox hunts. This world would be a much better place if there were more people like Mike. God bless you!!!
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