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Karma strikes after man teases dog (VIDEO)

D61_thumb By George | July 25, 2012 | Comments (9)

man tries dunking dog

Who says there isn't instant karma? This fisherman gets a taste of it when he attempts to tease a dog.



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Comments on this Article

Who was Noah? And what ark?
Luke... ahh... dinosaurs had been extinct for millions of years.... I agree with the rest of your rant but... dinosaurs? WTF dude.
@Nicholas Macias, so how did Noah construct a suitable refrigeration system to suit the polar bears and penguins etc but restrict any dinosaurs from boarding the Ark? Weeeeeird.
Haven't laughed this hard!!!
That was priceless!..but,I kinda wish the dog would have done it again...lol
Glad he was ONLY teasing the Dog but so HAPPY to see him feel humiliated... I want to share something with you... I'm not a religious person and some people are and some are not. Some think Dogs have souls while other don't... For the ones who don't I say this... If your religious who don't believe they do this is for just you, when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights what did God want Saved and told Noah to build a Ark to save??? People NOPE... God Said Save THE ANIMALS.. as they must be the most important thing as you always save the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS... Don't you??? So I actually believe they are the most important thing on this planet and it's OUR Job to Care for them...
Absolutely Priceless!, Serves Him Right For Trying To Torment The Dog!!!, He Went Right Under As Well!!!, Splendid, Don't You Just Love Karma??!!!.....:-)
and the dog wags his tail like the guy's playing with him. HILARIOUS! What good timing...:0)
I know that dog was laughing on the inside.
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