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My Details

Name: Gillian Dunn
Website: www.facebook.com/dunnsdoggies
Profession: Business owner
About Me: Proud owner of a 5-year-old black lab named Lucie. My second word as a child was "goggie" (I was trying to say "doggie!") I've loved dogs since the beginning! ~Gillie

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My Comments

hello. I seem to remember, at about 4 or 5 years old, going out to the car & seeing a skunk. My mother was trying to pull me away..but I screamed & cried....I wanted to pet the "kitty" lol. Then, when I was about 4, I saw a bee in my bedroom window. Apparently, I felt it needed some love, because I tried to give the bee a hug & it stung me.... So yea, I've been an animal lover from the time I was very small. :)
Happy Birthday sweet Lucie! Hope you get spoiled ;-)
Happy Birthday Lucie!! :-)
Hi Gillian, I have been an animal lover since I can remember. I can recall as a young child putting milk out for stray cats that would come around our property and my Dad getting upset because I was always feeding them. ( Unfortunately my Dad is NOT an animal person at all. ) We did always have a dog or two and a cat, my mother and I were the ones to care for them and love them. My life would not be complete without animal's in it. I normally have 2 cats and 1 dog but since meeting and marrying my husband 5 years ago we had two of each as he had a dog when we met and I had a dog. We have since lost them to sickness and old age but have rescued 2 other dogs. One is a Border Collie X and is very fearful and timid. The other is a very loving, somewhat nervous Australian Shephard / English Sheepdog X We had Purebred white Persian but she went missing early this year, I believe that my neighbour had something to do with that. He hates cats as he threatened to poison the ferrel cats that I put food out for and he complained to the animal control about our dogs. The police have even been involved and they confronted him and saw for themselves what type of character he is. Needless to say he has moved on to complain about something else now. One of those dreaded neighbours that we all hope not to encounter. Anyways, it's very nice to meet another dog lover, thanks for the friend invite. Sorry about the LONG story there...lol Take care and have a great New Year!!!!!
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