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My Details

Name: Erin
About Me: My name is Erin. I love animals of all kinds. I am 23 years old. Anymore questions, ask me yourself.

My Dogs

Ginger_thumb Lillie_1_thumb Buddy_1_thumb
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Newest articles

Dog loves the water hose.

Katy always likes playing with the water.  
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In Loving Memory of Lillie Anne LeBlanc

For my beloved Lillie. I miss you so much. I can feel you constantly at my side. Especially around this time of year, as it is still a difficult time for me. I made this in memory of you.   
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My Comments

Hi Erin, I suppose you can tell I love animals too by all my posts. I can see you're 22, well, I'm 69 but at least we have that in common. haha! I'll have to watch for your posts ... :0)
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Darrin Henry
In sharing your personal moments or growing up with dogs,...
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Darrin Henry

Many years ago when I was very young, I fell...


I have grown to appreciate canine companionship, despite a childhood...


I love animals of all kinds. God has given us...

Twyla Coursey

kathy wagner

Dog lover extraordinary!


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