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My Details

Name: Mandy
About Me: I save and rehab fought and bused Pit Bulls in my community. I work close with my local Humane Society, Shelter as well as take one of my rehabbed Pit Bulls with me to the adoption events and fundraisers that help my dear friend take death row animals and place them in no kill shelters, rescues or fosters.. I am in the works of turning my solo saving and rehabbing into an actual shelter and getting my rescue license as well as my 501 c3's, with the help of Worldwide Canine Crusade, they are backed by Victoria Stillwell.. My 18 yr old daughter also helps with educating the public on Pit Bulls and BSL, she also goes with me to do all the fundraising with our shelter. My son took in a Pit Bull and took me to save the ex ring dog I now use as my education pit bull <3 My daughter is also going to college next year to be a vet assistant.

My Dogs

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My Organizations

Pits are worth Saving

I save fought and abused pits and rehab them. I also help people learn how to teach their deaf dogs basic commands in sign language for free..We do educational work to raise awareness for the breed and BSL.
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My Comments

Read your comment on how you took the car hit for your Pit :) I would've done the same. People just don't understand that dogs are like our little kids.
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Love animals, especially dogs. I'm between fur friends presently.

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