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Name: Pauline
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Bane, Snoops and DM

Banes fight against this illness has already been shared, it is heartbreaking that I now share his litter sisters subsequent loss to the illness that is DM or CDRM in the UK. I have waited over a month since she passed to update this, purely because her loss is palpable and a physical pain, and it has induced grief for both dogs. Its been three years of intensive looking after these dogs, arguing with insurance...
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Bane the Brave

 Bane passed away peacefully at home on 31st May 2013 at 6.10pm, he died as he lived surrounded by those who loved him, he battled DM with everything he had, but in the end his body betrayed his spirit.  He began bleeding and vomitting blood and the light went out of his eyes. Our lives will never be the same, his quite dignity has inspired every one who knew him. But we dont half miss...
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My Comments

Just going thru one of my favourite links and I saw your name again and also re-read your touching story. Keep smiling. Keep in touch, let me know if you get another little member added to your family. Have a good day!
Pauline-thank you If my words gave you some comfort-then I am touched Prayers and healing ANuradha (Annie) from India
Love is such a powerful energy that it takes us to places we thought we could never be, feel what we thought we could never feel. Love can make you cry, but it can also make you stronger. Find peace & happiness in your days to come, sincerely, Heather.
If my words brought you even a little comfort I'm glad for it. Again you have my heartfelt condolences for your loss, and my prayers for Snoop.
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Martha Duran

"for being kind hearted and sending words of comfort when..."


"for being kind hearted and sending words of comfort when..."


"for being kind hearted and sending words of comfort when..."

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Darrin Henry
Bane I opened my eyes and I could see that...
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Sep 03, 2013 I have a blind dog Muffin who...

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