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When: 2014-07-08 18:54:00 -0700
Where: 60041


Very sad news as we just learned that our healthy 7 year old Australian Shepherd contracted this fungus after we had excavation done on our property on July 8th. We had 2 old oak trees taken down in our backyard, near our Koi fish pond, and the wood, soil or debris must have been contaminated, as he does not travel to any other yards or locations in wooded areas. His Blasto Urine test just came back today, positive. We have been treating him since his very first symptom appeared on August 1st. A cloudy left eye that looked like he was blind. I went to the ER Vet and he was treated immediately just to relieve symptoms. Diagnosis at that point was still unclear. On Aug 8th, his eye began to get even more red and irritated, so the vet started to treat for Blasto, while we awaited today's official urine test. His chest xray was inconclusive. Yet, his other organs seem okay. This fungus is primarily in his left eye only and I am praying that he does not need to endure eye removal surgery, or lose sight in that eye. Our Rx protocol is pretty aggressive and the vet is recommending removal of the eye, if in a few days it does not appear to be improving. I have 2 other dogs that were exposed to this same tree removal wood and debris, in addition to myself, my husband and our 3 year old son. As a precaution, we are all getting tested to ensure the rest of us have not also inhaled this airborne fungus that can turn deadly if left untreated. Please educate yourself of this rapid moving disease and try not to wait for symptoms to appear. In my case, I thought I caught it in time, but it turns out that he will most likely require the eye to be removed.

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