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When: 2014-06-19 09:24:00 -0700
Where: Tranquil Drive, Spring Hill, Florida, 34606


Last night was the second close encounter I have had with a Coyote in my neighborhood. I heard my dog, who is a large breed causing a stir so I went to check on her. Not 10 feet away was a Coyote. I stomped and yelled at it, but it was not phased. It was not until I grabbed a rake and ran at it, that it slowly moved to the front yard.

This is very concerning as less then a week ago I was walking my dog after dusk and saw two Coyotes, one ran away, but the other APPROACHED us, it got very close, to the point where I was concerned it was going to attack my dog, so I yelled loudly and stomped. It eventually turned into a yard and disappeared into the darkness.

I have contacted Game & Wildlife who were not very helpful. They told me it would be my responsibility to trap them and do what I would with them. Which is not an option and sounds very dangerous to me.

There are several missing cats currently in the neighborhood and the behavior of the Coyote I saw is concerning. I am worried about the potential for rabies, or worse, the possibility that someone could be hand feeding or leaving food out for these guys. This is a very dangerous situation and I will do whatever need be to protect my dog, but last night and during the walk I was virtually defenseless and scared to turn my back to get my dog inside. From now on I will walk with a weapon, but something needs to be done as it seems they have a potential to become dangerous to our pets.


Has anyone else seen them in the Spring Hill area? Particularly Tranquil Drive?


Here are some tips that we will be implementing in our policies while caring for our customers pets, and our own: 1) NEVER walk dogs at dusk or dawn. These are the times of the day that coyotes are most active, looking for a food source. 2) When walking dogs, never use a retractable leash. Instead, use a leash that allows you to always be in control of your dogs movement. 3) When walking dogs, carry a stick or a horn. Both of these tools can be used to scare off the coyotes. 4) Never leave pet food outside your home and make sure your trash container has a lid that keeps trash tightly closed. 5) Please bring your cats inside!!! Cats should never be allowed to roam outside!!
I was just driving home from work around 6:30 this morning off Cobblestone drive and Pinehurst and saw what I thought was a big dog then as I watched it run I thought to myself a dog doesnt run like that, I drove dumbfounded to the house, we just moved here from Tampa and had no idea...pretty cool and a little worrisome too.
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