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Fourteen dogs dead from Canine Distemper in Lima Ohio

When: 2012-08-22 22:32:00 -0700
Where: West Kibby Street, Lima, Ohio, United States


The Allen County Dog Warden's Office held a free vaccination clinic last week after a number of dogs are believed to have died from canine distemper.

Fourteen dogs in a one-mile area of West Kibby Street and Harrison Avenue in Lima, Ohio were dropped off at the shelter facility and died in the last three weeks. Dog Warden Julie Shellhammer said only one was tested and confirmed, but others had symptoms of distemper.

Distemper is a viral disease that is highly contagious. About 50 percent of dogs with it survive, however puppies who are particularly susceptible have more difficulty surviving if they catch the disease. There is no treatment other than supportive for dogs that have distemper.

Dogs experience fever and runny eyes and nose and are lethargic. That can progress to coughing, some vomiting and diarrhea and then potential seizures.

Vaccines for the disease should be administered when a dog is 6 to 8 weeks old. Nearly 30 dogs at the facility have been vaccinated and evaluated.

"Everybody appears to be healthy," Shellhammer said, adding that the dog park located behind the office is considered safe and is open.

Raccoons are also are potential carriers of the disease. It can be passed from wildlife to dogs and dogs to wildlife.

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