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Injured Pit bulls being dumped in Bardstown

When: 2012-07-17 10:25:00 -0700
Where: Bardstown, Nelson, KY, United States


Police in Nelson County, Kentucky say people are abusing, dumping pit bulls in Bardstown. Since March, numerous pit bulls have been found abandoned and injured in the same area. Laura Higginson of Kentucky Humane Society estimates the count is around 5 or 10 a month. Officials don't believe the dogs have been used in fights.

Titan was found with burns dumped on side of road"A security Guard for Heaven Hill distillery had seen a vehicle stop and people threw something out of the vehicle," Laura Higgison of the Kentucky Humane Society explained, while referencing the most recent case.

When the security guard investigated he found a black pit bull with injuries. Rescuers named him Titan.

"I saw the dog and it had, what appeared to be second and third degree burns along its back. I suspect something was done purposefully to this dog," Higgison explained. "I think Nelson County has a real problem. I really do."

Sheriff Stephen Campbell of Nelson County said "It would be good to know where they're coming from and if they're being dropped by the same person or people."

If anyone has information on who is dumping the dogs, please call the Nelson County Sheriff's Department at 502-348-1840.


Tues July 17 '12 This is so sad... Vancouver BC Canada
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