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Rabies found in several bats in Riverside County

When: 2012-06-12 16:47:00 -0700
Where: Riverside, CA, United States


Riverside County residents are being warned to avoid wild animals or animals behaving erratically after several bats tested positive for rabies. In the past two weeks five bats have been found with rabies in
Two weeks five bats have been found with rabies in San Bernindino County. Dog owners are being urged to vaccinate their dogs against the disease and to not let children or dogs approach any dead animals.

The rabies virus, present in the saliva of an infected animal, spreads to people who are bitten or scratched by an infected animal. Infected animals will often behave aggressively, stagger drunkenly and drool excessively.

To avoid becoming infected with rabies:

  • avoid approaching, touching, petting, feeding or adopting unknown, stray or wild animals;
  • keep wild animals away from houses and areas where domestic animals are kept, for example, by blocking access to buildings and garbage containers;
  • have your dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies;
  • don’t touch the body of a dead or sick animal with your bare hands; use gloves or call local aniimal control.
  • if you touch the body of a dead or sick animal with yout bare hands, wash your hands with soap and water immediately afterwards;
  • keep your dogs in a safe place and do not allow them to wander;
  • do not leave a dog's food or water bowl out at night, as infected animals may contaminate them with their saliva.
  • if your dog is bitten by another animal, handle your dog with gloves, and take him/her to a veterinarian immediately.
  • Notify authorities about strays.
  • And, if you’re bitten, wash the wound with soap and water for 15 minutes and immediately contact your local health clinic.

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