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CDC reports 14 people ill with Salmonella linked to dry dog food

When: 2012-05-04 10:57:00 -0700
Where: United States


Diamond Puppy Formula dry dog food product recalledThe CDC has reported that fourteen people have been sickened by Salmonella Infantis infections linked to Diamond Pet Foods production at its manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

The CDC report does not mention how many dogs may have been sickened, but the people affected were in 9 states. Missouri and North Carolina each confirmed 3 cases related to the dog food outbreak. Ohio reported two cases while Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia each reported single cases.

Diamond Pet Foods has expanded its product recall to all its dry dog food product brands. Review our latest NeighborHound Alert for information on what brands and Product IDs to look out for.

Diamond Pet Foods dry dog food recall (announced May 4, 2012)

Diamond Pet Foods also has notified several other companies whose products were manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods at their South Carolina facility. This has prompted several other brands of dog food to be recalled including: Diamond Pet Foods Brands, Natural Balance, Canidae, Wellness and Kirkland. Refer to the individual alerts to determine which product batches have been affected.

Salmonella can be spread from dog to human simply by touching an infected dog's mouth or fecal matter or handling the tainted dry dog food or any objects that have come in contact with it (such as food containers, toys and bowls). It is extremely important to wash hands with soap and hot water to prevent spreading of the infection and wiping down all surfaces and objects with soap and water as well. If consumers discover any of the affected products, the food should be disposed of safely.

Dogs or people infected with Salmonella usually have diarrhea and may seem lethargic, but they also can carry the infection and not appear to be sick. Seek veterinarian care if you suspect your dog may be sick or has eaten any of the affected products.

Concerned consumers may contact Diamond Pet Foods at telephone number 800-442-0402 or visit www.diamondpetrecall.com.

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