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Animal Gas Chambers and Daniel's Law

Dscf0485_thumb By Erica Seils | July 07, 2012 | Comments (0)

created on: 2012-07-07Imagine for a moment that one morning you wake up, are taken away from your home, and placed in a strange jail where no one speaks your language. Even though you try to ask what is going on, you do not understand anything anyone says to you. They place you in a small jail cell with nothing but a blanket on the cold cement floor and a couple of bowls for food and water. You are scared to death and wish only for someone to come and take you away from this place.

Every now and then someone will come by to give you some food and maybe try to talk nicely to you or hold your hand. As the days go by you see that these people are trying to take care of you, but most of the time they are busy. You are so sad and lonely and wish that someone could tell you what you have done wrong to deserve being punished like this.

The next day it seems everyone has forgotten you. No one comes by to see you or give you food or water, and now you are even more scared and lonely. The day after that you see cages rolling by your cell filled with other people who are crying and begging to be released. The cages roll through a door at the end of the hall and you can hear yelling and screaming coming from behind it.

Next thing you know, one of these cages has stopped right outside your cell and one of the people who you started to think might be alright is pulling you from your cell and shoving you into it along with several other people. Some are crying, some are shaking, and some are yelling, but no one is getting any answers. This person wheels the cage through the door, and you are terrified. You can smell horrible things like body odor, sweat, tears, blood, and you can sense the fear in the air.

There is a metal box in the corner of the room and now people are being pulled from the cage and crammed into the box. You do not know what this box is, but something tells you it's BAD. Hands grab you and you try as hard as you can to fight them off, but these people are stronger than you, and they manage to shove you into this box as well. Just when you think they couldn't possibly stuff another body in here with all of you, they stick in a couple more.

You and all of your companions are now locked inside this box, and though there is hardly enough room to turn your head, people are so frightened they begin to fight with one another. They are kicking, scratching, and punching. You try to get out of the way, but cannot move. It hurts when they hit you. Like many others inside with you, you are crying and screaming for them to let you out, but no one does. The sound is deafening.

It's starting to get very hard to breathe. Your lungs feel as though they are on fire, and with every breath it feels like something is crushing your chest. Your head hurts more than it ever has in your life, you are dizzy and nauseous, and your nose has started to bleed. Many of the others seem to have fallen asleep and the screaming is dying down. You still cannot catch your breath. Finally you vomit and as you choke trying to take one more breath, the darkness overwhelms you.

Thankfully this scenerio is only pretend and would never happen to anyone in this day and age, but for thousands of animals living in shelters right here in the United States that is not the case. This is their sad, horrific reality. In fact it happened to Daniel, a beagle dog, who was placed into one of these chambers along with other shelter dogs and gassed. When the shelter workers opened the door, there was Daniel, looking up at them, alive and wagging his tail.

Most of the time if an animal survives the gas chamber, he or she is made to suffer through another barbaric gassing, but these workers took pity on Daniel and decided to let him live. He has since been adopted, and now he lives happily with his fur-ever family working to promote a ban on gas chambers all across the country. A Bill has been created in his honor called Daniel's Law. This Law prohibits certain inhumane methods of euthanasia and states that sodium pentobarbital (lethal injection) or a derivative is to be the exclusive method for dogs and cats. Since other archaic methods like the heartstick method and decompression chambers are also still in use, it is very important that Daniel's Law passes.

A petition has been put together for this purpose. It will be going directly before the United States Senate to ask them to pass Daniel's Law and put an end to these inhumane methods of euthanasia. The sooner the signature goal is reached, the sooner these terrible things can be stopped!

To read Daniel's Law - Senate Bill 1329 in it's entirety click here:


And if you agree, and would like to sign the petition click here:



created on: 2012-07-07

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