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Small breed recommendations

301060_2635122754718_1154927772_3143944_1908468479_n_thumb By Emma | October 06, 2013 | Answers (8)

Hi everyone :)

I was hoping some people could help me when it comes to recommending small breeds for adoption. I have only ever owner golden retrievers. I currently have one now and am looking for a small dog that can be a good companion to not only myself, but Honey the goldie. I want a breed that is adaptable as I may have to move for work eventually and it will need to come with me of course :) It also needs to be a breed that responds well to other animals, people, is non-snappy in nature. Preferably it will be relatively active as I love taking my dog for walks etc. I am in love with pugs, but I worry about all the health complications that come with this gorgeous bread. I have never had a great deal to do with smaller dogs so I would love some breed recommendations and why you think they might suit my current lifestyle.  

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This may be a rather late response but I have a Westie, Bobby (West Highland White Terrier). He lived as a lone dog with me for the first 4 years of his life before I moved in with my (now ex) partner. He had 2 beautiful black labs. My Westie loved them both and decided himself that he would stay out with them (In a warm stable). Bobby is a very friendly dog (unless you are a vet or postman). He socialises well with most other breeds and loves to introduce himself when we are out walking. He can walk for miles across the moorland. He is now 10 and still energetic and loves to be out.
It depends how small you want your small dog, I'm baised towards English Cocker Spaniels, they are ridiculously loving but not jealous dogs and they love their exercise. If a Cocker isn't small enough then maybe consider a Toy Cockerpoo (Cocker cross Toy poodle) or another breed I have a weakness for are Miniature Schnauzers :)
Thank you so much for such thorough answers everyone!! I had considered a King Charles, I think they are exceptionally beautiful. After watching doco about Pedigree dogs I became concerned with their health issues :( Apparently a high number of king charles world wise are prone to a condition where their brain to too large for their skull... resulting in a great deal of pain :( Has anyone come across this?? Also I was interested in bostons. They are less common in Australia though :( But i will look into both more!! Thanks so much guys :):)
I recommend that you go to a shelter. Most of them will allow you to 'try out' a dog before you adopt it to see if it's compatible w/ you, your animals & family. Plus, most shelters already know what they do or do not like & their compatability w/ other animals. All my dogs are rescues & they love each other. Just remember that they may not get along the 1st day or so, but give it a chance. Tobie was 1 when we brought Kaiya home & he loved her from the start. They were 3 when I brought Lola home (who was 6 wks old) & that took longer for them to mesh b/c she was just a puppy & needed more attention. They love each other very much now.
I have a cavalier king charles. They are the ultimate lap dogs and adapt well to the physical activities of their master. They are as active as you need them to be. They are sweet and gentle and get along well with people and other pets. Rescue one
No question - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. VERY mellow and loving, not hyper like a lot of small-breeds.
Sorry about my grammar........when i'm on my phone i type like i text lol
Hey my name is cameron. I have owned a bunch of different breeds of dogs through my life and have volunteered at shelters.......I really do believe that the boston terrier is the sweetest dog a owner could have. I used to be a pitbull guy. But when i moved out of my sisters out and got a place in the city I decided i wanted a smaller dog. I got a boston and i love him. Not only that i have been around other bostons since and their all the same. They never met a person they dont like. They also are high energy but they sleep alot. Which i think is perfect. He'll keep up with your golden retriever but they know when its time to pass out for the night. They are really also good with kids. They're small but real muscular so they dont get hurt easily when playing around. The final reason they're smart and they like to please there owner. They remind me alot of little pitbulls. I'm forever a boston terrier fan. Even though they are expensive you can still find them at shelters. My buddy just found a 2 year old at a shelter and hes been a blessing in disguise for him and his daughter
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